Press reviews

Press reviews

Media monitoring, a hard day’s work…

With the proliferation of media and Internet sites, traditional monitoring tools are not enough to keep a watchful eye on what is broadcast throughout the day. In order to keep up, you would need a team of researchers, communication specialists and experts in all sectors to analyze and organize information according to your needs.

Press reviews from ADN5 Media, an easy solution

ADN5 Media Inc. knows no boundaries: we monitor, collect, sort, analyze and comment on the information coming from anywhere in the world for you.  Our specialists edit and customize your information and deliver it on a single platform, whenever you need it.

It’s the expertise of our professionals that sets us apart from all the news aggregators and traditional media monitoring providers.


Monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

• 15,000 print
• 103 TV stations
• Canadian digital radio stations broadcasting information
• 35 000 news and institutional websites
• 3 million blogs
• Social networks (Twitter, Facebook and others)

Press review and content analysis

Even before you begin your workday, you can receive from ADN5 Media Inc. an information monitoring report, either on your computer, you iPad or your iPhone/smartphone. You can then read the relevant newspaper articles and websites, and click on relevant radio and television segments that you can listen or watch instantly, and benefit from the analysis and comments of our experienced analysts.