Work methodology

Information gathering

ADN5 Media Inc. uses a variety of aggregators to gather information from the media picked by its clients. A monitoring is done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week according to each client’s general or specific needs. The daily monitoring report is finalized during the night, up until the last minute before its publication, in order to include the latest information from radio, television, Internet and even social networks like Twitter, which can all be important for decision making purposes. We offer each client its own personal newsroom.


For some clients, the information broadcast during the day can be crucial. That’s why we created an alert service (optional) for those who can’t wait for the next media monitoring report.


ADN5 Media Inc. holds COPIBEC, CEDROM-SNI and QMI licenses and complies with the standards of the CBRA (Canadian Broadcasters Rights Agency).


ADN5 Media Inc.. has implemented measures guaranteeing its autonomy and its ability to produce monitoring reports even when there is a power and/or Internet failure.


Archives concerning our clients are kept for at least 30 days, whatever the format (print, radio, television).

Quality Control

Before being sent to our clients, the content of our monitoring reports are corroborated by the President and / or the chief editor of ADN5 Media Inc. Any omission subsequently discovered will be updated and sent to our client within 30 minutes.